Submit your proposals for the AAM Annual Conference! Teachers wanted!

Posted by on Saturday August 17 2013

Hi everyone:

Session proposals for the American Association of Museums’ Annual Conference in Seattle (May 18-21, 2014) are due August 26th. Get them in now!

Every year, the Media & Technology Professional Network looks for people to teach detailed, often hands-on workshops called Tech Tutorials. These beginner and intermediate workshops are designed to be accessible and intimate, a place where attendees can ask specific questions and get some hands on experience. We’re submitting proposed Tech Tutorials for the following topics and we’re looking for teachers for all of them. If you’re coming to AAM in Seattle (May 18-21, 2014), please consider becoming a mentor! Drop me, Susan, or Alex a line if you’re interested in teaching or facilitating (not all of the session descriptions are developed yet, which is why the list looks the way it does. The presenter[s] will have the opportunity to help craft the description):

1. Tech Tutorial: Getting Started with Social Media – Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Google+ (Beginning level)
Have you never used Twitter? Not sure what a hashtag is? Not know how to ‘Like’ or ‘+1” something? Never even heard of Tumbr? Then this tutorial is for you. Learn how these social media platforms work, why they exist, and how museums are using them. Y ou’ll come away with information to help you decide if using these platforms makes sense for your institution. The tutorial is limited to 20 people so participants can ask questions, and share their stories.  This is a beginner-level tutorial, designed for those with little to no social media experience.

2. Tech Tutorial: Deepening Engagement with Social Media (Advanced level)
Gain insight on how to build upon your existing social media presence. This tutorial will explore tactics for developing a comprehensive social media strategy that works in concert with your institution’s overall communications and engagement strategies. We’ll cover advanced features of various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr; discuss which platforms work best for different types of projects; and explore ways to create connections to your blog. The tutorial is limited to 20 people so participants can ask questions, and share their stories.  This is an advanced-level tutorial. Participants should be familiar with managing and using social media platforms.

3. Tech Tutorial: Principles of Effective Video (Beginner level)
Understand the basic steps in creating video, including audio, cameras, and editing systems. You’ll come away with a list of the equipment you’ll need, and tips about basic approaches to creating successful video. This is a beginner-level tutorial, designed for those with little to no video production experience.

4. Tech Tutorial: Video Crit Room (Advanced)
Bring your video projects to this tutorial and get constructive feedback from your peers. This is an advanced-level tutorial, designed for those who understand the basics of video production.

5. Tech Tutorial: Podcasting – Is anyone still listening? (Beginner-Intermediate)
Podcasting may seem very 2005, but many museums and non-profits are producing successful podcast series. Audio production is less expensive and can require much fewer resources than video production. Learn the basics of podcasting, find out who is using podcasts in the field, and understand out if podcasting may be the right approach for your museum.

6. Tech Tutorial: Does my museum need a blog? (Beginner)
We’ll show you how to get started. Understand how to plan for and implement a blog using WordPress. Employ advanced techniques to build your blog into a valuable, sustainable communication tool to engage your online audience.

7. Tech Tutorial: Google Analytics (Beginner)
8. Tech Tutorial: User Testing on a Shoestring (Beginner)
9. Tech Tutorial: Digital Copyright and Privacy (Beginner)
10. Strategy: What’s the best tool for my message? Digital strategy for projects (Advanced)
11. Tech Tutorial: Basics of Mobile Websites (Advanced)
12. Strategy: Drupal or WordPress? Content Management Systems (Advanced)
13. Tech Tutorial: Organize and Manage Your Digital Assets (Beginner) – I (Perian) have volunteered to talk on this one. I’d like someone familiar with managing video and audio to co-present.

I know a lot of technologists don’t take the time to go to AAM, as it’s for a more general audience, and it’s a frequent complaint that we don’t get much out of AAM. But the registrars, curators, directors, and education staff really need people like us to help them make sense of their technology projects. It’s up to us to help bring the rest of the field forward, to ensure that we’re able to deploy technology projects effectively, and get support from other non-techy staff. Please consider lending your voice and expertise and come to AAM.

Thanks everyone,

Perian Sully
Program Chair, Media & Technology Professional Network

Susan Edwards & Alex Lawson
Tech Tutorial Co-Chairs, Media & Technology Professional Network

P.S. On another note, I’m noticing a lot of session proposals on the AAM website are missing their presenter bios in the proposal. That information is important for us on the National Program Committee to know about the diversity and qualifications of the presenters. When submitting your proposal, please make that information available to us. It makes it more likely your proposal will be approved. Thanks!

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    This is an advanced-level tutorial, designed for those who understand the basics of video production.

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