Jump In! Horizon Report> Museum Edition

Posted by on Thursday May 3 2012

Thought I’d jump back in here folks because I’ve just returned from a wonderful, engaging, enlightening, and highly entertaining AAM 2012. As always the MUSE Awards, ably kicked off by that man-about-town Jack Ludden, was a highlight. You can find all the MUSE Award winners here.

But the real reason I thought I’d post today is I had several opportunities to listen to comments and constructive criticisms of the 20122 Horizon Report>Museum Edition. And it occurred to me that some of you out there might have some comments too, or a project that you want to share, or you might be interested in participating as part of this year’s advisory board.

Here at NMC/MIDEA We welcome your input and here are a couple of ways you can connect with us:

Two ways to Tag Resources hzk11

Or you can nominate yourself for the 2012 Advisory Board

There’s also a MIDEA facebook page–friends us and share comments–or leave us a comment using twitter #NMChz #MIDEA

Oh…and one last item. A shout out to Nik Honeysett’s recent post “How To Pitch Technology To Your Board” using Present Me, his current favorite presentation technology.

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