Wowie Wow Wow – Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Groupon

Posted by on Wednesday September 29 2010

Apologies for cross-posting but I’m so excited:

Perhaps you are already familiar with organizations like Groupon ( and Living Social (   Every morning, delivered to my in-box, is some type of deal from a local business or organization.   Perhaps it’s $50 worth of food for $25 at a local restaurant, or deep discounts on services that I don’t really need or don’t have the time to take advantage of right now.

And then, this morning, I turned on my computer and saw a deal I wanted.  The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, via Groupon, was advertising a $75 one year family membership for $35.  CMNH (  The new director, Dr. Evalyn Gates, who arrived in February of this year, came to CMNH from the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (KICP) at the University of Chicago and looks to be a terrific energetic choice for the institution.

So, when I saw the deal this morning (at 5:21 am) my first thought was “I’m in.”  I’m willing to invest $35 in this local institution.  I was little worried because Groupon requires a minimum amount of people to sign up in order for the deal to be confirmed–in this case 50 people needed to sign on for the Family Membership..  I am pleased to announce that by 7:04 am 50 memberships had been purchased and right now at 1:49 pm (with more than 10 hours left to go) the CMNH has sold 688 NEW Family Memberships.

Don’t know if the $35 per membership will cover the cost of mailings and services to their new members, but what a success story.  What would your institution do with 688 new members today?

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