NMC, AAM, M&T, MCN, & Mice….

Posted by on Tuesday January 23 2007

Announcements, Announcements, Annnnoouuncements… the annoying counselors at my summer camp used to sing way too early in the morning.  Announcements, I’ve got a flock of them for you today.


First, this just in, the New Media Consortium ( has  released the 2007 Horizon Report (  This annual report highlights “six technologies that research suggest will become very important to higher education over the next one to five years.”  Those of us in museums need to stay on top of the information provided in reports like this one if for no other reason than we need to be aware of what the next generation is able to do and expects us to know how to be able to do.*


Coming down to the wire to get earlybird registration for AAM’s 2007 Annual Meeting & Museum Expo in Chicago this May. Early registration closes on January 31.  This year’s meeting is not only in a terrific city but keynote speakers include Salmon Rushdie and Doris Kearns Goodwin.  Plus Nik Honeysett’s going to let everyone who attends make long distance calls on his new iphone, aren’t you Nik?


Speaking of the esteemed chair of AAM’s Media & Technology Standing Professional Committee reminds me that January 31 is also the last day to submit one (or more) of the projects you’ve created in the past three years (and not submitted previously) to the 18th Annual M&T MUSE Awards Competition at  Don’t disappoint the fabulous Phyllis Hecht by missing out in this once in a lifetime (okay once annually) opportunity.  And don’t forget to attend the only event at AAM where free champagne is served Sunday May 13 @ 5:00 pm sharp.


And following soon after the AAM registration and MUSE Awards submission deadlines, it will be time to submit your online proposal for MCN 2007 which has also chosen the windy-city as an Annual Meeting Place. 

This year in Chicago, MCN will revive the cross-disciplinary vision of 40 years ago and explore its promise in the present day, encouraging participation from institutions across the museum spectrum.

Online propopsal submissions will be accepted February 5 – March 2, 2007 at  More on that coming the first week in February.

And finally, last but not least,  MICE

Here’s one for your must read list:

Scarlett Thomas’ The End of Mr. Y.  

Be forewarned that it is a novel, with a female protagonist, and a lot of mice, and Heidigger, and Samuel Butler, and the Troposphere, and the multiverse.  But…if you’ve ever wondered whether or not mathematics was the machine code running the universe as we know it, this book should be on your required reading list.

 That’s all for me just now.  Let me know what I’ve missed in terms of announcements.

 Oh and hey Perian!  Welcome Aboard!

*In terms of full disclosure I was a member of this year’s editorial board for the Horizon Report.  I am pleased to report that I did no lasting damage to the results.

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